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Decluttering Tips

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to start organizing your home! You don’t have to wait until you’ve booked your move with San Diego Moving Company. While an organized home is more aesthetically pleasing, studies have shown that a decluttered home helps you to feel more relaxed, less anxious and overall happier.

Step 1: Break the project up into smaller projects to help you not feel so overwhelmed. Start in the bathrooms, take an empty trash bag with you and go through each cabinet and drawer throwing out half empty bottles and expired items. You’ll be surprised at how much you don’t actually use. This is also a great time to take inventory and make a shopping list for the usual items you may be out of.

Step 2: Hit the closets and take two empty bags or boxes, one for donation items and one for seasonal items. Seasonal clothing can be kept in the garage or in storage to give you more space for the items you use and wear on a regular basis. Don’t forget to go through your linen cabinets as well. It might be time to toss out any old, stained or torn linens or towels.

Step 3: The kitchen, start with your pantry and consolidate where you can. I don’t know about you, but my young adult children will often cook half a box of noodles and then open another box. I can create more space by combining the noodles into one box or you can invest in some nicer plastic or glass containers for your pantry. If you notice you haven’t touched certain pantry items and don’t plan on using them, place them in a box for donation to a food bank or your local church. Next go through your drawers, replace or get your knives sharpened, toss out chipped dishware and make note of anything that might need to get replaced. Go through your fridge and repeat the steps of clearing out expired foods and make a list for restocking.

Step 3: The garage should be organized several times a year if necessary. Ideally, it should be the place where your overstock and seasonal items are stored to free up space in your home and help you not feel so cramped or overwhelmed by things all around you. Again, I suggest you break it up into smaller projects, such as start with one set of cabinets if you have them, or start with the front half of your garage and work your way towards the back end. Make piles for keeping items, selling items (garage or yard sale), and a pile for donation. Many local thrift stores now offer pick up services, so you can schedule for them to come pick up whatever is left after a yard sale.

For more amazing tips, I suggest you check out The Home Edit on Netflix. Happy decluttering!


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