How do I schedule my move? You may call our office, 858-566-2800, or book your move online. Because our online booking system is available 24 hours a day, your move date will only remain available until we run out of trucks and crews for that particular day. You must log in to your account, pay your reservation, and confirm the reservation to secure your desired move date. You will receive an email if your date becomes full, be sure to check your spam mail for our messages.

Do you offer insurance? Yes, we offer valuation insurance for all moves, free of charge. If an item is lost or damaged, you would receive reimbursement based on the weight of the damaged item. Some restrictions do apply. Please read over the contract for detailed specifications.

Do you disassemble/reassemble furniture? We have all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture in order to take it out/in your housing and prevent damage. Doing this maximizes the available space inside the moving truck. If you feel your furniture requires special attention, please contact us ahead of time.

Is it necessary to empty furniture drawers? Yes. Please do not leave any items, including clothing, money, jewelry, watches, etc. in drawers. In some cases in order to move such furniture, movers must put it on the side or even upside down. Small items can be shifted and fall in between the drawers and frame. Also, the added weight of leaving items in the drawers can potentially cause damage during transit and will make the job unnecessarily harder and slower.

Are supplies included? We provide furniture blankets and commercial grade stretch wrap to pad and wrap your furniture during transport. Our movers are equipped with all the necessary tools and supplies to safely transport your belongings. Additionally, we offer reasonably priced packing kits delivered to your home or office to save you money and time!

How do I take advantage of free doggy daycare? Please contact Dogtopia of Miramar, (858) 225-7072, prior to moving day, and let them know you are a San Diego Moving Client. They will waive the $36 day fee and you will only need to pay $15 for your pet’s initial assessment.


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