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Our Budget Friendly, Professional Movers To Suit Your Moving Needs

San Diego Moving Company will come to your rescue and save you from unnecessary stress on moving day. With a reputation for being prompt, reliable, and hands down the best movers in town, it’s no wonder people turn to San Diego Moving Company for hiring professional movers. We are highly rated and in demand due to our excellent service practices. Read our reviews in real-time, to hear from our happy clients.


Your safety and satisfaction is our top priority. Because we are a small, family business, it gives us the opportunity to meet your needs and any special requirements you may have. When you request a quote, make changes to your move, need assistance with property management, or anything at all, you are talking directly to one of the owners, husband and wife, Darren or Turath D’hont. We are happy to do whatever it takes to make your relocation experience safe, efficient, less stressful and more enjoyable.

Being parents of four children and having elderly parents, we understand these are times of uncertainty and the need to take every precaution. We follow all the CDC guidelines to make sure we are reducing your risk to covid exposure. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us. We will get through this together.


More Than Just A Moving Company

While our moving services are quite exceptional, there is more to us than what meets the eye. We are family owned and operated, which sets us apart from other local movers. Visit our About Us Page to get to know more about the owners and our best business practices.

We Simplify The Moving Process

If you’ve never hired professional movers before, you are in luck. We like to keep things simple and provide an easy, moving experience. Our customer service representatives are readily available to assist you seven days a week. Unexpected things can come up in the days or weeks prior to your move, so we understand you may need our assistance. Which is why we promptly return phone calls and emails. Visit our Hiring Professional Movers page for a quick rundown of the process. We also offer complimentary concierge services to connect you with the best service providers in town.

A Tailored Moving Experience with San Diego Moving Company

Are you a busy individual who doesn’t have time to waste on moving preparations? We offer full service packages to suit your needs. You may schedule professional packers to get you packed and prepared for moving day. Our clients often say they hate having to pack up their kitchens as it can be time-consuming. So we offer special supplies to safely and quickly get your kitchen packed, saving you time and money. Our professional packers are able to unpack and place your belongings in your new home as well. Another time-consuming task is cleaning your new home before you move in or out. San Diego Moving Company offers reasonably priced cleaning services through our trusted housekeeping partner. We only recommend housekeepers who have cleaned our own home, so you can trust you will receive quality service. Visit our Full Service Packages Page to learn more.

Free Moving Quotes and Zero Obligation

We encourage you to shop around until you feel confident in the moving company you’ve chosen. It is a big decision to make and we understand that. Our affordable rates are really worth the value in terms of hiring a trusted and licensed moving company. We have a 100% reliability rate, meaning we have never canceled on a client and have always shown up on moving day. You can count on us. Head on over to our Free Quote Page for a quick and easy pricing process. Simply submit your information and you’ll receive a response in 24 hours or less. Or call us for a hassle-free quote at 858-566-2800.




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