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Add Value to Your Home With Beginner DIY Projects

Owning a home can be an adventure

Sometimes the adventure can be scary like when the basement floods — but most of the time it is simply fun. Having a place that you can make your own and in which you can create memories is the ultimate dream for many people. That’s why it is so important not to take it for granted.

Most homeowners know that their work is never done. There’s always something that can be done to increase its overall property value. However, not all of us have years of construction, landscaping, or even decorating experience we can rely on. Some people barely know how to properly use a hammer and nail. That’s OK because there are plenty of great DIY projects for beginners that still do their part to add value to your home. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ideas for DIY projects for beginners.

A Quick Note on Home Value

Any estimates we make regarding the amount a certain project can add to your home’s value are just that– estimates. The actual amounts they can add to your home, in particular, depend on where you live and what your home is worth. To get an idea of the value of your house, you can look at similar properties in your area or contact a local real estate agent to get a professional estimate.

Paint it Blue

If you are surrounded by white walls and would like to add some color to your life, painting your house is an easy enough project that is both relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take too much time. As it turns out, painting certain rooms particular colors can actually add value to your home– in particular, different shades of blue appeal to potential home buyers. According to real estate analysis of 32,000 homes, rooms painted in light shades of blue correlate with an increase in home value of $5,440, on average.

There are even certain shades recommended for specific rooms:

  • Kitchen –  light blue to soft gray-blue
  • Bedroom – light cerulean to cadet blue
  • Dining room – slate blue, pale grey-blue, and navy blue against white shiplap
  • Bathroom – powder blue to periwinkle

Plant Trees

Planting trees are great for the environment and the right kind can reduce the cost of heating and cooling for your home by 10 to 50 percent. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Trees can add a significant amount of value to your overall property. Landscape design is one of the biggest draws for homebuyers, and beautiful plantings have the potential to increase your property value by 15 percent. If you want to know the best trees to add to your property and the best areas in which to plant them, consult a landscape appraiser to get a better idea. From there, you can make informed decisions regarding your budget and get planting in your free time.

Add a Mudroom

Having a little area where people can remove their coats and boots is very appealing for those who like to keep their homes clean and warm– especially families. If your home doesn’t already have a dedicated mudroom, you can help create one by installing seating, cubbies and other clever storage solutions that help you and future homeowners stay organized. The process can be as involved as you like. The point is to get creative with the space you have and the materials you use.


Homeowners can make the most of their investment by working on projects that add to their home’s ultimate resale value. Some cosmetic changes, such as painting certain rooms blue, can add thousands of dollars. Planting trees help improve the house’s curb appeal while also cutting energy as an extra benefit. Finally, adding organization with a mudroom appeals to families and people who want to keep dirty boots off their clean floors and clutter stored away safely.


This guest post by Danny Knight from http://fixitdads.com


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