31 Mar


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Decluttering Tips

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to start organizing your home! You don't have to wait until you've booked your move with San Diego Moving Company. While an organized home is more aesthetically pleasing, studies have shown that a decluttered home helps you to feel more relaxed, less anxious and overall happier. Step 1: Break the project up

08 Feb


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Retiring and Upsizing: Tips for Acquiring a Larger Property, Post-Retirement

Image via Pixabay With the prospect of retirement comes the option to change both lifestyle and living arrangements, and this does not always mean downsizing. Many retirees are acquiring larger homes that will allow them to host extended family as well as pursue new interests. Whether you are interested in adding a woodworking shop, hoping to start a hobby farm,

08 Sep


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Four Simple Ways to Ease the Stress of Moving

With so many changes, it’s no surprise that many people cite moving as one of the most stressful life events. Some stress is normal when preparing for a move, but there are ways you can make the process easier on yourself.  To help navigate the process with ease, here are four stress-reducing strategies that will simplify your move:  Make a

16 Dec


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Turath D’hont featured in Forbes

We are proud to share that Turath D'hont, Co-owner of San Diego Moving Company has been featured in the Forbes Media. Forbes Media has been in business for over a hundred years and is a global media, branding and technology company, with a focus on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and affluent lifestyles. After reading Atomic

25 Sep


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Furniture Donations Help Families In Need

Furniture donations are a norm for San Diego Moving Company, as many of our clients are desiring new furniture for their new spaces. As part of our complimentary concierge service, we do our best to handle all aspects of the relocation process. In the past, we have managed furniture donations by taken worn/damaged items to the dump or good conditioned

12 Sep


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We Move to End Hunger

We Help Feed Local Families San Diego Moving is very excited to partner with the non-profit, Move For Hunger, to help local families in economic hardship. We believe it is our responsibility to serve and inspire our community to help one another. To love thy neighbor. This is our core belief and what makes our company one of the best

27 Aug


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About Us

About Us San Diego Moving Company is a family-owned and operated business. Managed by husband and wife, Darren and Turath D'hont. There are hundreds of moving companies to choose from, but there aren't many quite like us. For starters, we care about our clients and treat them with the utmost kindness and appreciation. We are down to earth people who

07 Aug


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Proud CMSA Member

 San Diego Moving Company, Member of the California Moving and Storage Association     San Diego Moving Company is proud to be a member of the California Moving and Storage Association. The California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) is a non-profit trade association representing licensed and insured movers operating in California. Established in 1918, the CMSA provides numerous benefits for

13 Jul


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Top 5 Places To Get A Bloody Mary In San Diego

San Diego is known for its scenic beauty, endless activities, and delicious food and drinks. Today we are spotlighting a crowd-pleaser, the Bloody Mary. This delicious and daring drink has gained popularity and fame worldwide, and it doesn't seem likely that it will abdicate the throne any time soon. If you were thinking about relaxing with a bloody mary in

26 Feb


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Useful tips for relocating houseplants

Plants do much more than just add aesthetic appeal to our homes. True, they do brighten up a room quickly with their vivacious colors and fresh scent, but they have a much more important purpose than that - they are our main and only oxygen providers.  Luckily, having a smooth relocation with houseplants doesn't have to be difficult. Below are some


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