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Furniture Donations Help Families In Need

Furniture donations are a norm for San Diego Moving Company, as many of our clients are desiring new furniture for their new spaces. As part of our complimentary concierge service, we do our best to handle all aspects of the relocation process. In the past, we have managed furniture donations by taken worn/damaged items to the dump or good conditioned items to a local thrift store. But through our desire to do more for our community, we found a better way to handle unwanted items.

We are proud to be working with Humble Design, a non-profit organization that takes on the project of completely furnishing a home for a family coming out of homelessness. Their mission truly touched our hearts. When you watch the videos you will see children entering their new homes for the first time, overwhelmed with emotions. They are so grateful to have their own room and quickly get into their new beds. It is really heartwarming to watch. You can check out the reveal videos and learn more about this wonderful organization. If you would like to donate furniture or household items to a family in need, you can visit the Humble Design website to schedule a pick-up.


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